As parents of a high school senior, we wanted photos that captured our son in his high school setting. What we got was much more. Lynn captured his essence. What we have is a collection of memories that evoke every maternal and paternal emotion we have experienced during his senior year. Some of the photos evoke pride, some laughter and others a wistful tear. She got him. She got his smile, his thoughtful side, his love of sports, and his personality. We couldn't have asked for a more meaningful result.The photo session itself was fun. Lynn was able to make our son Steven relaxed and he enjoyed himself. Her judgment about what settings and postures would best capture him was spot on. And when we went to look at proofs, the appointment itself was a memorable experience. I will never forget walking into Lynn's studio and seeing one of Steven's photos projected onto the wall. It took my breath away. The slide show of proofs - with music - let us indulge in the pride of parenthood for a few minutes and Lynn let us bask in all the emotions we were feeling as one photo rolled to the next.All parents of high school seniors know the joy and sadness that are mixed together as our children move on to the next phase of their lives. For us to have those memories captured in the form of photos that allow us to re-live those emotions every day is a gift whose value cannot be overstated.Steve, Glennie & Steven Bench

When I saw my pictures for the first time I was ecstatic! I cried because I just couldn't believe it was me. You do such a great job!Justina Addison

Thank you :) I literally cried when I saw this. I'm so happy! The one in the yearbook was awful but Lynn saved my Senior year!Harley Rowe

Working with Lynn Watkins is more than photo shoot--it is an experience! Her philosophy of photography is much bigger than just taking pictures. She wants to discover who her client is and then allow their photographs to tell their story. Lynn is an artist. She is creative. She works hard to capture that perfect portrait, that magical moment that is impossible to relive. She is determined to do whatever it takes to make special what is special to you. Whether it means learning a new concept, building a new set, or purchasing a new tool, Lynn Watkins is committed to excellence. Her mission is to ensure that when the finished product is unveiled, that it takes your breath away! She does it to us every time! And still today, when eyes fall upon those photographs, we relive the moment all over again. She is the best! She's our photographer! Johnny, Dianne, Josh, Jonathan and Anna Moore